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Related article: Date : Saturday, 27 January 23 2007 44th 35 -0000 From: Ted Gay u003ctedgay BTInternet. com u003e Subject:. Below The Belt ( The following story is a gay fantasy, some of the leading figures in the history , a certain resemblance to real stars, but that does not mean that that real celebrities to fall in this type of activity, or ranging from a homosexual / bisexual. ) dirty sex in front of him anywhere, directly from the public, but only view. Take this lovely young male announcers on television, for example. Ever wonder, for which sometimes have a smile on their faces ? Under the table, where the seats is a " Fluffer," a young man whose job is to keep your newsreader happy. All the news that is slow blowjob given by the handsome ' Fluffer '. TV crew men bet if the bastard can have newscaster on the screen during orgasm news program. This is very a frequently, so if you see a mischievous smile and a narrowing eye on the faceFrom your favorite news reader, you know, he's cumin ' in the mouth of a young man under the table. Matthew loves being sucked, and there is n in the mouth of a young man for each newscast. Matthew is so sexy, and his sperm so delicious, obtain the struggle of the ' Fluffers from under his desk in every newsletter. The same is true in the discussions, contests, interviews, etc. , where is a handsome young male actors or celebrities are in a desk or table. It , where is a decent blow - job from one of these beautiful looking young ' Fluffers ' n, who are employed by the television company of a porn site to your liking male employees and guests. Lee is particularly sought after comedian cum of ' Fluffers ', is very sweet, thick and creamy. Actor load Tom, of course, also fought a lot. (I have seen a Knock Fluffer over another and sucking Tom sperm directly from his mouth in his greed for the sperm Tom !). There is absolute dirt everywhere on television, young men cumin " to my other youngn the mouth in front of you in your living room night after the night if you knew. Well you've done! Then there's suck -off bars those with windows overlooking a busy street. Men go to there and order a burger or a drink, sit in a chair by the window, as enjoy their drinks that they will live, drawn by handsome young men s used by the bar in order to satisfy their customers. provide only male clients are directed for this particular course, the seats windows. So next time you n bar or fast food restaurant, beer consumption in young men or eating a hot dog to see the other side of the window. Look for this view static and orgasm mouth of a young man just under the counter n Very often, of course, customers do not drink beer, but a glass of warm urine \\ \\ n, or a hamburger / hot dog sauce drowned in milk, right before your eyes ! This urine / semen comes from the same men handsome, sexy young s used by the bar to satisfy their clients every lustful desires. andcan buy anything if you are willing to pay the price. The same applies to the counters of the shops have. If served hot young o man, you can bet he has a child suck- off ( more than 18 years, of course ) only to use it under the counter all day. We invite you to pay a " bonus " and is that, behind the counter to get a blow job, or leave him, if of your choice. Young men in the supermarket can not be removed, if the duty - the customer noticing. But if they ask if you want to "cash back" flash only in them, and you can get more than expected. I made this. second week with a man, dark skinned young man by the name of 'Lorenzo ' his uniform while watching the gold chain around his neck sexy soft, brown, smiled in me, then their number phone went to the reception. I called tonight, and he came to my house and had a good session, I fucked in the ass and then sucked sweet. He introduced me to other sweets young men wIts peak in the supermarket, and I had sex with eight of them so far. These young guys in their teens and early twenties are insatiable, if for sex with almost anyone. Some accuse others do nothing but dirty thrill of it all. Back to television. A young, handsome actor Matt went on a talk show in America. Under the table, where he was interviewed, was a wonderful young man, 19 blond hair blond. Just as he is, could not resist the way Matt s Pedo Boy attention to the young is based on who was an expert at sucking cock, and as cute as a beautiful young girl. Matt had difficulty concentrating on the interview. Matt was asked by his friend Ben, and Pedo Boy Matt said, "Ben never did that! ", The television audience thought he was referring to the interview on TV, but Matt referred to on the happens under the table. for all that kept grunting, groaning and rolling his eyes in ecstasy, as Pedo Boy brought fellow young blonde in the vicinity several times with his beautiful climax MonUTH and magic, sensual fingers. As Pedo Boy Matt was close to reaching its peak at 6 Time, n young, blonde under the table held a plastic container and " milked" the actor, orgasm thick, hot \\ \\ n of his throbbing cock in the container. Matt closed his eyes and said, 'Oh, yeah! " The entire nation wondering what was going on. But that did all male, all gay men studio audience. Completed after the fair, the blond young man left the instead of under the table, and an auction. the highest bidder was not only drinking sperm Matt's in the plastic container, but as he did, the young blonde man to blow him, while Matt was playing with his balls and whispered in his ear: "What d ' and like the taste of my sperm ? Drink it all, and I'll kiss you when brings you to orgasm! " The winner of the auction eagerly swallowed Matt thick load of milk, and as the blonde teenager led to his climactic close, leaned forward n kissed Matt Pedo Boy the winner auction of luck on the lips, a deep French kiss. beautiful Matt expensive and sexy fragrance, the sweet taste of the fat in their semen, beautiful lips tongue when he kissed the winner of the French, and the blond boy cum - hungry cute and y lips sucking mouth, filled the winner of the auction with uncontrollable lust, the shot jet after jet all the cock cute n - fool's throat, almost drowned him with the guts in the best orgasm he ever had in your life. Matt has highly paid for this service, and the DVD is still in circulation, brought him huge royalties. But perhaps the most dirty of all is the TV show " Guess who the sperm for dinner ? " Six men are in good standing at a table in front opening, and six \\ \\ n kneel to the handsome young alike and give them oral sex. Young under the table can not see who they're sucking. However, it introduced for all the wonderful men that is removed ( some famous, some not, ) at the beginning of the broadcast. When the peak of the men in the mouth, have for the sperm to remain there, and press a button, won the boy's name believe that is just convinced. As all six men dress alike, is not tell their lower halves. You have to guess from their tails, of its smell and taste of their burdens. After six suckers kissing another and exchange sperm from mouth to mouth a other. Another six beautiful men brought, and repeat the process. This occurs 4 times in the show. The ' Sucker ', which has the highest number of correct answers guess who is drunk, has sperm wins and gets to eat a feast at the end of the series, and every 24 males beautiful themes that have aspired out, in Pedo Boy addition to the other five handsome cups, sperm and suck at the banquet and idiot to the winner. When the meal deck, without running a himself, comes to spend the night with six guys from the other 29 in the selection the show. This program, which is, of course, just go out in the early morning hours in encrypted form on the gay channel Filth. Whiteand not introduced, either as a "sucker " or to be absorbed. You can, if that are under 30 and good looking. And the next time you walk into a police station, he feels a close look at this Pedo Boy beautiful police male of your desktop. Below it is sure to be a young man, arrested for a misdemeanor, forced all the young s police service in the vacuum in all the desks in the police station after the other \\ \\ n. I know because I worked as a clerk in a police station. As the old came in and asked the "good cop " on the desktop, the direction of the church, or when a bag was handed in, was the "good cop" to enjoy an orgasm \\ \\ n the face of a helpless, handsome young man who took to the streets, arresting forced to give sexual pleasure to the police. officers were aspirated by young detainees, all of the police station , and if I wanted a bit more of a blow - job, Police arrested the young men in the cell and raped in the bunks. via young man handsome raped by at least 26 police officers, one after Pedo Boy another, forced to suck, another 22 at the same time. In the next room of his parents s are counted by the same policemen who had raped her 25 years only son who was arrested for indecency, having sex with 48 men gay s in a large orgy. The most unpleasant is above all legal proceedings in which the young officers of the stage to tell the judge that the accused had been caught in the act to take a hit employment of a young man in a public place or another crime of. What the judge and the room where I can see is that the young detainee by the police, forced to kneel on the witness stand and suck male police officers in the room full of people. They come in your mouth as they enter evidence of " gross indecency ", etc. against the defendants, and the young knees in the witness box has to swallow their loads. This is organized by corrupt bailiff, and it happens frequently. After the agent is at position witness, quietly grabs the fly and enjoys a blow job given to highlight of young people who suck, forced the witness to give Box to through a trapdoor in the floor. (In the courtroom, of course, the holding cells, based on the corrupt police and judicial officers as " sucking cells ) You just do not know what 's going on outside of sight, if you replace dirty, lascivious gleam in the eyes Pedo Boy of the beautiful news reader / young man / Conference of Pedo Boy the Parties on the screen behind the desk / counter, or in the dock witnesses in a courtroom full of people. or, if you accept its lusty cries of ecstasy as in the mouth of a young man to orgasm, feeding him with their loads right into before their eyes.
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